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Welcome to the Chakra Temple!

A new kind of online community. A virtual sanctuary for you to nurture your inner healer, expand your spiritual knowledge, and receive support from two leading experts in chakras, self-care, and personal development. 

Each month will focus on a different chakra. We'll be providing yoga flows, distance reiki healings, journal prompts, recipes, and more to support you in balancing, activating, and healing your chakras. 

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Hi, I'm ​Chelsie.

I am a spiritual therapist, reiki master, and self-care expert who specializes in energy and narrative therapy to help people experience life through their spiritual practice rather than their emotional and family system programming.  

Retreats, rituals, spiritual therapy, courses, and reiki are a few of the ways that I work with others. People who work with me are ready to uncover their magic, reclaim their power, align their chakras, and write a new story. They keep seeing the posts about how they are their own healer, guru, guide, but are lost on how to get into the place where they can fully embody that. They desire to have a healthy way of processing their emotions and supporting their mind, body, and soul. After working with me, you will learn what it means to be a master of your own energy, the power of aligned chakras and knowing your story.

Hi, I’m Natalie.

Soul Coach, Healer, Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Chakra Yoga Teacher Ritual Facilitator, & Creator of Sacred Space, Deep Transformations: retrieving the seeds of Inner Wisdom, into Embodiment.

The medicine I offer is connection, the thread that illuminates the spaces within you that feel dense, heavy, stuck or frustrated. These spaces are your allies. Alongside the medicine of transformation & higher perspectives.  When working with me you will strengthen your roots, confidence, and connection to your gifts. You will also be fully supported in how you show up and hold space for yourself which in turn will serve your clients deeply. Alongside a deep inner soulful journey into trusting self as you ground deeply onto your path.

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Jenni B

Want to be one of our founding members?

We are offering the Temple Membership at 12$ a month for the next year! 

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What lights Natalie and Chelsie up is cultivating real genuine relationships....

We would love to get to know you, what makes your heart sing, what your passions are, brings you joy I want to get to know YOU!  You know the type of connection with no strings attached or expectations to purchase.  We simply love meeting other like minded souls.


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Want to be one of our founding members?

We are offering the Temple Membership at 12$ a month for the next year! 

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