Inspired to make practices fun and coming together as a community to do it, the hashtag #chakrawildalignemnt is our way of supporting you in an exciting new way of exploring the Chakras!  

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The #chakrawildalignment is a way for us to inspire one another, to build community around Healing and Wild Alignment through working with the Chakras.

Join us on:
Pinterest where you can become a collaborator in the #chakrawildalignment Pinterest Board.
Instagram give us a follow, and tag us when you share your #chakrawildalignment inspo.
Mighty Networks platform, our free community space for all, including our official Chakra Temple Members. 
You can express this inspiration in ANY way you desire. Photography, poetry, video, music playlist, etc. The possibilities are endless.  

We would love to hear how you flow within the Chakra energies...

Share your #chakrawildalignment with us on your social feed! Don't forget to use the hashtag and tag us in your posts.

To make it super easy and fun for you we are have created a folder with templates for your social shares.  This folder will continue to build as we continue to create each week and can be accessed within our Free community space on Mightly Networks so that official members and non-official members can participate! 

To access the Free Templates to share your #chakrawildalignment, click on the button below, follow the instructions within the Mighty Networks app. 

You will also have access to The Temple community.  For more info on the community click here.


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We are so excited to support your Wild Alignment! 

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