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Your own virtual sanctuary where you can come to embody the healer within and explore wild alignment


Within our Community space "The Temple" 


The Temple is our overarching community, which also consists of folks within the Wise Woman Temple, Sacred Insight, Embodied, and our Reiki courses.  


There are many ways to support our path, isn't it amazing how we can all come together with love and compassion for our spiritual journey!

Here at the Chakra Temple, we are all about community; together we create a sacred space for learning + unlearning, supporting one another, intentional conversations, healing, and transformation.


Why are we so excited to host the Chakra Temple community on the Mighty Networks platform? 

It's all about the experience we are able to share together!

Intentional discussions, healing, transformation, rejuvenation, alignment, and embodiment as you connect to your virtual sanctuary.




Intentional discussions within the Chakra Temple Community include:


the incredible aspect of being part of a community is making real connections, so this section is all about getting to know one another.  We encourage you to share as much or as little as you want in, the community and have also included intro questions prompts to guide you!

Breakthroughs and Synchronicities:  

Have a major ah-ha moment? Some crazy synchronicity? This is the place for all those stories!  We are super excited about this topic, because of how incredibly inspiring it is to celebrate each other's breakthroughs, or connect the dots for all those moments we may have brushed off as coincidence. 

Vulnerable Shares and Questions:  

This is your sacred safe space. Anything you need to share here stays here, and no one will judge you. You can ask anything you want to ask or share anything you want to share.

Anything and Everything:

Anything goes! Don't know what topic to put something under? This is it's home.




We are bringing a new, exciting way to support you in connecting to and understanding your chakras. #chakrawildalignment Each Friday we will be offering a one-word intention for you to carry with you throughout the week to inspire you to... click here for details.

Sooooo yeah its kinda like having our very own private Facebook group but without being on Facebook! 

When you create your profile for the membership you have every option possible when it comes to notifications, so if there are threads to topics you're interested in you can be notified when someone shares within the "Topic". You also have the capacity to be as private as you want to within your profile, or you may be a practitioner wanting to share your offerings and can create a beautiful profile where others can explore and get to know you!

To summarize the amazingness, we have the membership and community all in one place!

Yes, I would love to Join the Community!

Please note that the free community does not offer access to the official Chakra Membership Portals.

To become an official member and join the community Click Here.

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